Quality is an attitude

Quality assurance​​​​​​​

Commercial vehicles often operate around the clock - it requires nothing but the best from the components used. Advanced production methods ensure high levels of repeatable output.

Optimized processes: Design for durability forces high demands on production processes to reduce the use of weldings and joints to increase the lifetime of the products.

When Quality Matters – go with Dinex

Dinex Warranty options

OE Matching Quality

Designed and manufactured to match OE requirements. Products are
tested in Dinex test centers in Denmark and Finland, to secure aftermarket
product functionality equal to OE parts.

Perfect finish and product fit, enabling a quick and smooth product
installation. In our product range, we offer all accessories needed for
product replacement.

Certified to top standards


Dinex holds a number of certifications, amongst which ISO 9001, 14001, and IATF 16949 are the most prominent.​​​​​​​

Own core technologies


In-house production of ceramics and coating, as well as metal forming, ensure that all key processes are within Dinex´s own control.